Training – System AOBC 2900.

At Ashira Oure Boxing Club 2900 Hellerup
Most of work outs is personal training where the programs are custom to the client needs and abilities. Focusing on deferent goals like weight losing , muscle gaining, toning and fitness maintenance.

AOBC HRS ( Ashira Oure Boxing Club)   27o kr/Month. 


Wednesday   16.00hrs – 17.00 hrs children 11-14 yrs.- Ashira Oure Jr.

Friday     16.00hrs – 17.00 hrs Children 11-14 yrs . – Ashira Oure Jr.

You can also create your own private class. for – Custom class 700 kr/ hr up to 12 youths max. pick your own time and day.

CHAMPS VISITED  AOBC 2900 click on the name. 

1. Mikel Kesler 

2. Evarnder Holyfield

3.Tim Witherspoon

4. Ashira Oure.

Group training hrs, 

Mondays  17.00hrs -18.00hrs            William.

Tuesdays  6.30hrs -7.30hrs          William.

Wednesday  17.05 -18.05 hrs           Christian Petersen.

Saturday     10.00-11.00 hrs            Ashira Oure.

Company Training
Is good for team building, integration, company employees get to socialise, get sunny mood and they focus better at work. Maintains healthy life style. Better focus at their place of work.
Companies at  AOBC 2900
Joe & the Juice-  at Joe House – Tuesdays 7.00 hrs -8.00hrs  – Friday 17.30 hrs _18.30 hrs. Ashira Oure.
Saxo Bank- Friday 7.00hrs -8.00hrs – Ashira Oure.
Norden  -Thursday  – 7.00hrs -8.00hrs – Ashira Oure.
Atlantis- Wednesday – 10.00 hrs – Ashira Oure.
Bagels co Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  Ashira Oure.
Accura – Christian Petersen .. Thursdays 17.30-18.30 hrs
Kids Activation training at AOBC  Hellerup.

Kids Activation program is one of the best thing for the kids they get the best of everything. Keeps fresh and healthy more parent friendly when they get home. Develop healthy body and mind live healthy life style.

– Kids inspiration at Hellerup
– Personal training at Hellerup facility