Personal training at AOBC 2900.

Personal training is customarized to the client goals and wishes. I work with a variety of clients weight losing, muscle gaining and Sports clients who wants to learn the art of the sweet science of the fight game. Make sure the clients eat the right diets to make their goals possible to reach within the time frame.

At AOBC we have three boxing personal trainers with very high level of experience.

Ashira Oure 2x light middle and Middle weight Champion of the world been doing boxing personal training for 20yrs.  Mobil: 50216710

Michael Reim  Experience trainer as well he have over 7yrs of experience. Mobil.. 40930308

William Pedersen  Experienced boxing/basket and conditioning trainer 4 yrs  : 28772797

Christian Petersen Experienced Boxing trainer 4yrs     ; 4552555105.

Call for best offer you can train up to two people or create your our private team.. standard price 700 kr.