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AOBC 2900 Boxing Event postponed to 20/9/14.


AOBC 2900 boxing Exbition event this weekend 13th Sept 2014. has been postponed to 20th September 2014.

Reason being two boxers on the event have had minor injuries and they need to recover. The Card will remain,
Bout Nr.

1. Fredy Ashira Oure Jr. vs TBA – Paper weight .

2. Simon Christensen Vs TBA – Jr. Middleweight
3. Michael Reim Vs TBA – Light heavyweight
Ashira Oure Boxing presentattion, boxing integration with business ..
4. William Bendix Vs TBA- Heavyweight
5. Ashira Oure Jr Vs TBA – Heavyweight

Main event of the evening will be between two former Denmarks best Welters weights to date  .Thomas Damgaard Vs Christian Bladt at Supper Welter weight ..both have been European Champions. They never boxed each other to prove who is the best. The fight was never made due to promotional obligations. Now you will be able to witness this at AOBC 2900.They are all out fighters exciting boxing style.

The co- main event will 16yrs old  up and coming Allan Ashira Oure Jr. at Heavyweight with exciting flashy boxing style.

Simon Christensen at Supper welterweight will be on card too with explosive boxing style.

William Bendix at heavy weight hard hitter, Freddy Ashira Oure jr. 12yrs Old all out boxing style .. We will have a great evening of boxing action.

Ashira Oure former 2x Champion of the World at Light middleweight and Middleweight, will Power speech on  Boxing intragation with Bussiness ..
We will have seats and drinks for the invited guest .. The event starts from 14.30 hrs through 17.00hrs ..

This event is powered by

Joe & the juice,

Gubi Funitures 

ROTUNDEN supermarket

 Atlantis. Bjorn borg

Well-come fitness

and the Bagel co ..

Aobc Newsletter

AOBC Hellerup Presents ..

Boxing integration in Bussiness 

AOBC 2900 – one of the leading Boxing training Club for business men and women, as well as youth from deferent schools – will be holding its first real boxing show on September 13, 2014 from 14.30 to 17.00.

This event includes 6 fights: 3 real fights and 3 exhibition fights. The members will witness live boxing and listen to Evans Oure Ashira. Present the concept of boxing integration with business life and explain how you can relate boxing to business in order to make you better and sharper as business person .

Refreshments will be provided for the invited members of AOBC 2900.

During six years of AOBC 2900 existence the club has received a number of great boxers visit from across the planet – 3X Supermiddle weight Champion of the world Mikkel Kessller, 5X Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield, 2X heavyweight Champion of the World Tim Weatherspoon – who are good friends to the founder of AOBC 2900, the former 2X Mid- dleweight Champion of the World Evans Oure Ashira.



Whitecollar Boxing Exhibition

AOBC Hellerup, AOBC is ready for you:June 21st 15-17.00 hrs

Reserve your seat now for the first WHITE COLLAR BOXING EXIBITION. D/S NORDEN is meeting an all-star cast from Corporate Denmark. Come see 6 exiting exibition fights. There will be merchandise, gear and much more. After the fights you are welcome to boxing funs and followers at the After Event Party Dinner at Tisvilde Bistro at 18.30, where we have put together a special 3 course meal for kr. 299,-

Book your seat now for kr. 150,- here
(There is a limited number of seats available)

Book now on tour
This fall AOBC goes back to the roots in Brooklyn, New York. The gym that has produced more than 130 Champions of the world. with top names in boxing history, Gleason’s is a boxing gym located on the Brooklyn waterfront. Since 1937, when the gym was founded in the Bronx, boxers with their eyes on Olympic glory or a shot at the ti- tle have been training at Gleason’s. Fighters who trained at the gym include Jake LaMotta, Roberto Durán, Benny “Kid” Paret, Gerry Cooney, and Mike Tyson. Before his first title fight against Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, With add on trip heading to Las vegas at MGM watching pound for pound king Floyd Mayweath- er Vs Cannello Alvarez the fight of the unbeaten.
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Whether you go old school or pick a new design, AOBC got the shirt for you. We have made some cool new designs – so show your colors or make a statement.

AOBC Holte
AOBC started up at Impuls in Holte with big success. Mike Rein and Thomas Damgaard are now ready to take on personal clients or groups. They will help you reach your personal goals ie weight loss, better condition or they will get you ready for your first sparring. Call Mike 40 93 03 08 or Thomas 20 77 49 45 to get more information.

AOBC Corporate
AOBC can now offer corporate training classes. This can take place either at AOBC Hellerup or AOBC Holte. And as something new we are now able to make it “on-site” at your place of business if you have the facilities. Call Michael, our new partner and coordinator at 27 89 29 29 to set up a meeting to discuss details

We are now offering special boxing classes to schools and gymnasiums. We have designed a number of special programs specific for young students. Train the Brain is a new way to get focused, get more energy, better conditioning, confidence, get ready for school and get better grades. Call Michael at 27 89 29 29 to get more information on how you can get involved in this unique program with amazing results.

More designs to come soon Are your gloves getting tired and have wraps seen better days AOBC are now selling Lonsdale equipment.
Ask your trainer how to get new gear

Welcome to Ashira Oure Boxing Club

Welcome to Ashira Oure Boxing Gym, one of the best boxing fitness inside Denmark . Well known among business community. Whether you’re new to the sports of boxing, or former boxer who just wanna get back in shape or you just want to try something new to keep your training interesting. We can work with you to deliver whatever it is you’re looking for.

Ashira Oure Boxing Gym was established in 2005 at west palm beach Florida USA. Relocated to Copenhagen Denmark 2007. We mainly focus on boxing exercise, combination on the pads, heavy and light bag work outs. Boxing intense cardio , box punch conditioning and weight training .

Over the years of training boxing across the globe. Europe, USA and Africa with elite boxers. Like Calzaghe Europe, Mayweather USA, African Warrior, Africa. We have adapted Unik style blending all the best exercises to achieve the best fitness. Get in the best shape possible. Creating a healthy life style and fit life ..

As we say fit and healthy could sound same but there is big deference. where by Healthy could mean not having sickness. While fit means body functioning at the top in every aspect. over the years we have incorporated weight training into boxing work outs, to deliver more quality result as per the subject.

Ashira oure Boxing instructors have been in the game them self or in some kind of martial art to make it unique. We feel that regardless of whether you want to just get in shape or eventually step into the ring, it’s important that you have confidence in knowing that you’re learning from those who have been through it.

While many fighters do this for a living, so have men and women from every walk of life do it. For living too in a way they need both being healthy and fit to live full life. We pride ourselves on having found the balance between an authentic fight gym and a welcoming environment with a true sense of community. We look forward to seeing you here.